This is just one of the interesting details of Eisenhower’s life discovered as the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (RRCHNM) developed lesson plans and timeline content for the Eisenhower Memorial Commission’s website .

But what of Central High School today?

Few Americans realize that the National Park Service has preserved an important chapter in the nation's advancement toward civil rights by establishing a historic site at Central High. In fact, of the 401 parks overseen by the National Park Service, the school is the only functioning site. Each year, an average of 150,000 visitors--nearly half of them students--tour the school that once was closed to African American students.

The film and interactive features launching Thursday are part of a digital memorial to accompany the physical memorial once it’s built in Washington. D-Day will be one of seven “pivotal moments” of Eisenhower’s legacy.

Eventually, visitors will access videos and interactive elements through their smartphones while visiting the Eisenhower Memorial.

Designers used rarely seen footage of the D-Day landing.

The educational video package is being unveiled Thursday in honor of the 69th anniversary of D-Day. The material covers one of seven pivotal moments of Dwight D. Eisenhower’s career as a military leader and as president. Other chapters, not yet released, will include the Little Rock desegregation crisis, the creation of NASA and Eisenhower’s departure for West Point. The commission also sponsored a public meeting Wednesday at the National Press Club to unveil proposed quotations for the memorial’s inscriptions.

On Wednesday evening, the Eisenhower Memorial Commission is hosting a public forum on which of Ike’s words should be included in the memorial planned for a site off the National Mall. The design of the planned memorial has been hotly debated.

Professor Louis Galambos of Johns Hopkins University, Professor Richard Striner of Washington College in Maryland and former Library of Congress historian Daun van Ee studied Eisenhower’s speeches to recommend six for the commission’s consideration. Two are from Eisenhower’s tenure as World War II general and four come from his presidency.

The $100 million memorial to honor the U.S. president and World War II commander is the first 21st century national presidential memorial to include an augmented reality application, officials said Thursday. The application will let visitors to use their smartphones to experience the memorial as more than just a static exhibit.