The National Capital Planning Commission on Thursday approved architect Frank Gehry’s plans for a memorial park to be built on a four-acre site along Independence Avenue between the National Air and Space Museum and the Education Department building. In June, the United States Commission of Fine Arts gave its critical, final approval.

The $100 million memorial to honor the U.S. president and World War II commander is the first 21st century national presidential memorial to include an augmented reality application, officials said Thursday. The application will let visitors to use their smartphones to experience the memorial as more than just a static exhibit.

Pictured below: some of the students who participated in Navarre Elementary School's fundraiser to raise money for President and General Eisenhower's national memorial.  The boy in the front row in the black coat won the grand prize, a U.S.S. Eisenhower air craft carrier jacket.  Thank you, Navarre Elementary School, for your support!

WASHINGTON -- This is a city full of statutes and statues -- but stingy with monuments.

What has fueled the Eisenhower memorial controversy in the media are the public pronouncements of two of the president’s granddaughters, Susan and Anne Eisenhower, who have proclaimed themselves dissatisfied with the design. Understandably, their position is being taken seriously. Yet I am concerned that the growing public brouhaha will ultimately weaken the memorial design.

Critics of the Jefferson Memorial wondered why this father of democracy was housed in a Roman temple. So controversial was Maya Lin’s spare homage to those who died in Vietnam that the highest-ranking member of the executive branch to show up for its dedication was the deputy interior secretary.

Nearly a thousand visitors had their photos taken alongside a life-size likeness of Ike, and 10,000 of those visitors took home a very special memento of their visit to Ike’s booth – campaign buttons and magnets proclaiming “I Still Like Ike.” Many went home and “liked” Ike’s memorial on Facebook, and hundreds of the photos taken with Ike are now showcased on the Facebook page.