Eisenhower Memorial Needs Final Push

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Bob Dole and P.X. Kelley
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In our respective roles as chairman of the American Battle Monuments Commission and co-chairman of the fundraising effort, we spent several years working to ensure that the dream of a National World War II Memorial became a reality. This remarkable edifice on the National Mall honors the service and sacrifice of more than 16 million Americans who served in World War II, many of whom lost their lives defending the freedoms on which America was established.


We are now ready for Round Two. More than a decade after we worked together successfully to spearhead the funding and construction of the National World War II Memorial, we are joining forces again to ensure that the National Eisenhower Memorial is built in Washington.

While working on the World War II Memorial, we met with a broad range of people — from individual veterans and the organizations that serve them to foundations, corporations and many of the states that sent a generation of Americans into battle during World War II. Everywhere we went, there was unanimous agreement that those who served, the campaigns in which they fought during World War II, and their brilliant military leaders should be honored in perpetuity on the National Mall.

Now we are turning our efforts to memorializing a great American whose incredible legacy also deserves to be remembered. The National Eisenhower Memorial will celebrate the accomplishments of Dwight David Eisenhower.

As one of our nation’s greatest military leaders, Eisenhower played an important role in ending Adolf Hitler’s tyranny and saving millions of innocent lives. As a visionary two-term president, he put America on the path toward winning the Cold War, leading the age of technology, and exploring space.

Eisenhower’s memorial is in the home stretch. Final federal approvals should be finished by midyear. The memorial now awaits the federal funding promised when legislation creating it was passed by Congress as part of the 1999 Defense Appropriations Act.

As two of the driving forces behind the World War II Memorial, we have reunited to ensure that Eisenhower’s contributions to America, as both general and president, are honored in our nation’s capital. As members of our military family, we invite you to join our effort. Please contact your members of Congress and ask them to support the funding of the National Eisenhower Memorial.

Thank you for your continued service to our great nation.

Former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole was the Republican presidential nominee in 1996 and vice presidential nominee in 1976. Retired Gen. P.X. Kelley is a former commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015